Portland Title LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of MittelAsen, LLC, was founded in 2000 on the premise that buyers of real estate wanted, and deserved, the reassurance of lawyer representation and the highest level of service at a competitive price. Jon Goldberg, the President of Portland Title LLC, has a cumulative total of over thirty years of experience in real estate construction, development, management, brokerage, title insurance and real estate law. Jon’s vision for a full-service real-estate-law practice includes examination of the real estate title by a lawyer, not a paralegal assistant or a title abstractor. It includes a closing conducted by a lawyer. And, most importantly, it includes a lawyer who represents the real estate buyer - not just the mortgage lender. Portland Title delivers these services at costs competitive with the high-volume title insurance companies who offer a different standard of service.

Maine law requires that “Every creditor, which accepts an application for consumer credit transaction involving one to 4 residential units and which requires that an attorney search the title of the subject real estate, shall permit the prospective mortgagor to select a qualified attorney of his own choice to search the title of the subject real estate and certify that title to the creditor or land title insurance company. .. .” It goes on to say that the creditor must “inform the prospective mortgagor that if the attorney chosen by the mortgagor meets the creditor's requirements, then no additional fees may be charged to the mortgagor for title work.” A home buyer can at no additional cost choose his or her attorney rather than relying on the lender’s title insurance company (which is not required to "employ" an attorney, much less be owned or operated by one!).

Protect your investment in real estate: Give Portland Title LLC a call or send us an email. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the ease of communicating with us and the comfort of knowing that an attorney is looking out for your interests. You can reach Jon Goldberg at (207) 775-3101 or by email at jgoldberg@mittelasen.com.

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